mindset for parents
  • What parents can do to promote a Growth Mindset
    According to Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., author of Mindset,

    1. Have daily learning discussions. At dinner, in the car or at bedtime take time for both the kids and parents to share the answers to these types of questions. 

    2. Give feedback on process only. Praise effort, persistence, strategies, seeking challenges, setting goals, planning or using creative strategies. Don’t praise personal abilities like being smart, pretty, or artistic.

    3. Do you know brains can grow? Explain to kids how the brain can grow stronger and that intelligence can improve throughout your life. Intelligence is not fixed. It’s changeable. 

    4. Encourage risk, failing, and learning from mistakes. Now is the time to let our kids risk and fail. Failure teaches our kids important life lessons. For one, it’s how they learn resiliency

    5. Encourage and model positive self talk.Finally, I think it’s worth sharing this self-talk chart from Fieldcrest Elementary. Our self talk is where it all starts to shift... FieldCrest Self-talk (click here)