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    Class of 2018 FAQ's

    How do I graduate a semester early?
    - To be eligible to graduate a semester early, students MUST have 17.0 "academic" credits earned by the start of senior year. "Academic" credits are all credits except those earned in Physical Education courses.

    Which 12th grade English courses are required?
    - All seniors must take one of the following: AP Literature & Composition, Honors World Studies English, English IV, Honors College Composition/English 151 (dual-credit), or College Composition.

    If I don't take AP Literature & Composition or Honors Cultural Studies English, do I also have to take another English elective?
    - YES. English IV and the College Composition courses are only one semester long and worth 0.5 credit. Thus, unless you've already taken an English elective, you'll have to take an additional one-semester English class.

    Do I have to take Consumer Education or Living on Your Own?
    - The state of Illinois requires all high school graduates to take and pass a course with "consumer education" content. MCHS offers two courses meeting this requirement - Consumer Education (0.5 credit; one semester) and Living on Your Own (1.0 credit; both semesters). You choose which to take.

    What other college entrance requirements must I keep in mind?

    - The most often overlooked college entrance requirements is earning 3.0 social science credits. For students considering applying to 4-year colleges, if you have not previously taken a social science elective AND you take the one semester/0.5 credit Government course, taking an additional social science elective will ensure you meet this college entrance requirement.

    Class of 2020 FAQ's

    I don't see Driver Education on the 10th grade course selection form. Can I take it sophomore year?
    - Students signing up for sophomore year courses cannot actively request Driver Education. Students are enrolled based on birth order. Therefore, upperclassmen who have not yet taken Driver Education receive enrollment priority. Once upperclassmen are accounted for, remaining Driver Education roster spots are offered to sophomores based on age and birth order.

    How do I sign up to take Driver Education over the summer?

    - Summer Driver Education information and registration is made available to all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students when course registration materials are dispersed. Students and parents MUST complete and turn in this form to be considered for summer Driver Education.

    I turned in the summer Driver Education form, so I'm in, right?
    - Not necessarily. Similar as during the school year, summer Driver Education has a capacity. The ages and birth orders of all students completing the summer Driver Education form ultimately determines which students take it. Younger students may be placed on a waiting list.

    Ok, so there are factors I can't control about when I take Driver Education. What CAN I control?
    - Maintain academic eligibility by passing your classes. Even if we get to your birthday, if you haven't passed at least 8 classes the prior 2 semesters, you can't take it. That's a state of Illinois thing, not a MCHS thing.

    I want to take AP World History, but I took a world history class (Development of the Modern World OR Foundations of Ancient Empires) during freshman year. Can I still take AP World History?
    - Yes. Talk with your current world history teacher about the prospects of taking AP World History next year.

    Class of 2019 FAQ's

    I haven't taken Driver Education yet. Can I sign up to take it during junior year?
    - Yes. We must still cross-check your birthday with other students who have yet to take Driver Education to ensure we enroll based on age.

    I have passed 2.0 science credits. Must I take another science course?
    - Although you've met the district's science graduation requirements, the vast majority of 4-year colleges require at least3.0 science credits. Taking science junior year also helps prepare students for the SAT.

    Must I take a United States History course junior year?
    - Yes. Passing 1.0 credit of United States History is a district graduation requirement. MCHS offers three courses meeting this requirement - AP United States History, Honors American Studies United States History, and United States History. All are 1.0 credit.

    Class of 2021 FAQ's

    Which classes are freshmen requirements?
    - All freshmen take:
    • English (1.0 credit; both semesters)
    • Mathematics (1.0 credit; both semesters)
    • Biology course (1.0 credit; both semesters)
    • Health (0.5 credit; one semester)
    • Physical Education (0.5 credit; one semester).
    • AP Human Geography (1.0 credit; both semesters) ORIssues of the 21st Century (0.5 credit; one semester).

    Can I take a class over the summer?
    - Yes! Health is available to take the summer before freshman year.

    What is an "AP" course?
    - AP stands for Advanced Placement. All AP courses are designed and regulated by the CollegeBoard. According to the CollegeBoard, "Advanced Placement courses are college-level class in a wide variety of subjects that you can take while still in high school. They offer you challenging course work and a taste of what college courses are like." MCHS makes one AP course available to freshmen - AP Human Geography.

    What is an elective?
    - Electives are courses that do not meet a specific graduation requirement (although students must earn 7.0 total elective credits to graduate). Passing required courses allows students to maximize elective opportunities. Electives courses allow students to explore career options, enhance college readiness, gain practical living skills, and pursue passions and interests.

    What's a semester and what does it have to do with which courses I pick?
    - Most high schools (including MCHS) use a calendar based on 2 semesters. First semester is typically from August through December. Second semester is typically from January through May. Many classes occur both semesters. In this case, you take the first "half" of the class during first semester and the second "half" during second semester.
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