• The Student Service Team are strong advocates for our students. We provide Mental Health Supports in order to help our students progress through high school with healthy emotional coping skills. Every student has access to their counselor, social worker, nurse, and the school psychologist. We also help students and families find outside resources for their situational needs regarding mental health support. 


    Crisis Helpline - Please contact the Crisis Helpline Resources for immediate support.


    Additional Student Services include:

    • Group Counseling facilitated by Social Workers and Counselors
    • Individual Counseling
    • Suicide Asessment and Crisis Intervention
    • Psychological Evaluations for Special Education performed by the School Psychologist
    • Individual Counseling based on appointment with Social Worker, Counselor, or the School Pychologist
    • An on-site Nurse that practices within legal guidelines
    • Mental Health Awareness and Emotional Wellness Workshops for Students
    • RTI Team (Response to Intervention) 

    Group Counseling/Support Groups Offered 

    • Anxiety
    • Healthy Self-Esteem and Positive Body Image
    • Depression
    • Anger Management
    • LGBTQ Support 
    • Test Anxiety/AP Anxiety 
    • Organization and Time Management


    9th Hour SEL (3pm-4pm)- Afterschool counseling support to help students learn mindfulness, stress management, healthy self-esteem, positive relationships, and overall healthy self-care. Available to all students.

    Advisors of 9th Hour:

    Tuesdays: Ms. Sadler (West) and Ms. Breitenbach (East)


    Thursdays: Ms. Murtaugh (West) and Ms. Burger and Ms. Eggert (East).