• Welcome to the McHenry High School Registrar!

    • MCHS New Student Registration AND Transfer Students:

    Here are the steps necessary to enroll your child:

    Proof of Residency - You will need to provide Residency to our Board of Education office located at: 4716 W Crystal Lake Rd, McHenry IL 60050

    -Current utility bill with parent/guardian name and address (i.e water, gas, garbage)

    -Current lease agreement or mortgage contract with parent/guardian name and address

    If unable to provide the above documents, we will need:

    *Notarized statement of residency (a driver’s license will NOT be accepted as proof of residency)

    Once residency has been proven, please make an appointment with the West or East campus Registrar to complete registration.  Please bring the following information to your scheduled appointment:



    • An unofficial transcript or official, if possible, from all former high schools.
    • A copy of your child’s birth certificate
    • If your child last attended an Illinois Public School, you will need to bring in the Illinois  State Transfer Form.  If he or she attended an out of state high school or parochial/private school, you will need to bring a letter of good standing from that school.
    • A copy of your child’s 9th grade physical and immunization records.
    • If your child receives additional academic services, you will need to bring in the most recent IEP, 504, or ACCESS score report.  (An appointment will have to be scheduled with Special Ed Director, Becky Covalt, if your child has an IEP)
    • If applicable, a copy of legal documents regarding sole/joint custody/physical residence which has been agreed upon between child’s parents.