• mchs mindset logo What is Growth Mindset?
    Growth Mindset is a concept coined by researcher Carol Dweck in her book Mindset. In a nutshell those who have a growth mindset believe that intelligence and talent can improve, and those with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence and talent are determined at birth. Below are 5 categories that compares the different outlooks of each mindset.

    Challenges:  Fixed Mindset people avoid challenges because if they fail they perceive that to be a knock on their natural intelligence. In their mind some people are naturally smart, and some are not, and those who make a lot of mistakes must not be naturally smart. Growth Mindset individuals embrace challenges because they don’t see mistakes as a negative, but rather as an opportunity to improve. 

    Obstacles:  Fixed mindset individuals tend to give up quickly when they don’t find success right away because they don’t want others to think that they are not good at something.  They don’t understand the importance of grit.   Growth mindset people are persistent and tend to never give up.  They don’t get easily frustrated and realize that the process is needed to reach their goals. 

    Effort: Fixed mindset people see effort as pointless because it should come naturally.  Effort is for those students who aren’t naturally smart.  Growth mindset students see effort as the key to success and feel good when they gave it their all. As John Wooden would say,  people realize that peace of mind is the result that comes from knowing you did the best you were capable of doing

    Criticism:  Fixed mindset people ignore useful feedback and see any type of constructive criticism as an attack on their abilities.  Instead of realizing that a teacher, coach, or classmate is trying to help, they see that person as critiquing who they are.  Growth mindset individuals value useful feedback and are always trying to get advice from others on how to improve.

    Success of others: Fixed mindset people feel threatened by the success of others because they are always comparing themselves to other people.  When someone does well, they feel worse about themselves. Growth mindset students are happy when others succeed, and try to find inspiration from their classmates successes