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    Day to day life is busy enough, and thinking about keeping your heart healthy might not always be top of mind.

    February is American Heart Month, a reminder that a healthful lifestyle is essential fo your heart.  Instead of worrying about your heart or simply ignoring the risks, take action by eating tasty foods that also protect your cardiovascular system.

    Controlling or preventing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels as well as not smoking is key to decreasing your risk of heart disease.  Other factors that can up the risk of heart problems include diabetes, being overweight or obese, inactivity and poor diet.  While maintaining a healthful weight plays a role in good heart health, simply controlling portions and exercising is not enough.  Many well known fad diets for weight loss, such as high protein diets and the ketogenic diet, are not proven to support heart health.  Researchers are are stil looking at how these high fat and high protein diets might affect blood lipid levels and the vital organs.

    An eating plan based on nutrient dense superfoods can help you reduce the risk for heart disease.  Stay mindful of what you are eating, incorporating exercise in your daily life, and maintaining a healthy work/home balance.

    Check out for more information about American Heart Month, and for healthy diet guidlines. 



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