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    We participate in the National School Lunch Program - what does that mean?  Our menus are created to ensure that our customers get the daily recommended servings of the 5 major food groups - Meat/Meat alternative, Dairy, Grains, Fruits and Vegetables.  

    Our Daily lunch meals are $2.85 and include an Entree, plus 3 sides.  Choices for the three sides can be your choice - milk, fresh/canned fruits, hot or raw veggies.  Both of our Warrior Canteens have a "Sides Bar" loaded with fresh fruit and veggies, fruit juices, salad greens and fresh vegetables.  Be sure to take advantage of all of the options that are available!

    An eating plan based on nutrient dense superfoods can help keep you going all day.  Stay mindful of what you are eating, incorporating exercise in your daily life, and maintaining a healthy work/home balance.

    For more information on nutrition visit

    Students will no longer be able to make a purchase in the lunch room when they have a $10.00 negative balance.  Please call your student's campus and ask for the Help Desk if you need assistance loading money on to your student's lunch account.

    Question about school lunch? Call our "Command Center" at 815-759-2962!




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The Warrior Canteen Lunch Menu

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