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I saw the post on the McHenry High School Facebook page about whether AP testing benefitted me as a student and wanted to share my experience. I graduated in May of 2016 after taking three AP classes my junior year (US History, Lang & Comp, Physics I) and three classes my senior year (Spanish, Biology, Music Theory). The only course I did not take the AP test for was Physics I, and I was able to pass all tests with a 3, a couple of 4s, and even a 5.

This was incredibly helpful for me as I enrolled at Illinois State University, especially because as of a few years ago all scores of 3 or higher qualify for credit at all public schools in Illinois. I entered my freshman year at ISU with 24 credits already under my belt, essentially in sophomore standing. Thanks to this, I was able to create a plan of study where I will complete my major and my three minors in only three years (even after changing my major!). I have the option to graduate a year early, but instead have chosen to use my senior year to study abroad on two separate continents, both of which are covered by my academic scholarships (granted, in part, because of my high AP scores).

Needless to say, AP testing was incredibly beneficial to me and my academic career. Thanks for your time, and I hope this helps with the research you are conducting!

Warm regards,

Katie Helander

I’m not sure what the purpose of the Facebook post was but I just wanted to mention that I 100% DID gain value from my AP courses that I took while at MCHS and would even say I benefited most from my humanity related AP courses. I was able to skip MANY required freshman writing courses during college and was able to earn a double degree in both Journalism and English a lot quicker because I took AP classes in high school. It gave me the opportunity to have options because I didn’t have to pick between pursuing the two degrees as I was still able to graduate in 4 years. Additionally, it allowed me to have the choice to take a break from classes and pursue an internship abroad at a publishing house in London for 6 months as I had already passed out of all freshman English and writing requirement courses and was ahead of schedule. Lastly, I felt like I was ahead of my fellow peers in my education because I knew things that they didn’t already know upon entering college.

As far as what I’m doing now, I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota and now live in DC where I took a job with an advertising agency.

Again, I’m not quite sure what the intent of the Facebook post was but I felt obliged to send an email your way in gratitude!

All the best,

Monica Hying

I hope all is well! My AP experience was priceless. I took APLAC, APLIT, AP biology, and AP statistics. I worked hard in all of them and earned college credit for each one. Earning this credit propelled me a year ahead of my original plan and has saved me several thousand dollars. I didn’t have to sit through classes that were pointless, I jumped right into the material for my career. I am now the youngest person in my program! Taking AP classes has given me insight to how true college courses are ran, therefore reducing the “shock” of the workload. I knew what was expected of me from the very beginning. I hope this helps in some way!

Andrea Butler