The Distinguished Graduate Program was established in 1981 as a partnership between the MCHS Education Foundation and McHenry High School. Each year, a committee of staff, students, parents, alumni, and community representatives selects the Distinguished Graduate(s) from a pool of nominations from the community.

To be considered for the award, nominees must be graduates of McHenry High School and be out of high school for at least 15 years. The Distinguished Graduate selection committee members are looking for graduates who represent the following six criteria:

  • sphere of influence
  • success in chosen field
  • making a positive impact on the community
  • overcoming difficulties to reach goals
  • serving humanity
  • inspiring others

Those chosen as Distinguished Graduates are honored with a plaque featuring a photo and listing of accomplishments. The history of our Distinguished Graduates will be displayed in our school buildings and our district website.

McHenry Community High School 

Hall of Distinguished Graduates

Thomas Bolger
Class of 1902
Dr. William Nye
Class of 1925
John Albin Anderson
Class of 1926
Adele Froehlich
Class of 1936
Howard Phalin
Class of 1921
Harold "Zeke" Bacon
Class of 1925
Edward "Ted" Frett
Class of 1961
Earl Walsh
Class of 1923
Sandra Jones Bender
Class of 1960
Loretto Walsh
Class of 1892
Kenneth Boley
Class of 1931
James Althoff
Class of 1946
Guy Duker
Class of 1934
James Willard McCulla
Class of 1947
John "Jack" Hachmeister
Class of 1963
Ferol Martin Tomlinson
Class of 1949
Sue Stinespring Cain
Class of 1957
John Kirwin Davis
Class of 1963
Thomas F. Bolger
Class of 1942
Randall Hughes
Class of 1961
Lambert Ben Freund
Class of 1960
Dennis Welter
Class of 1961
Richard Vycital
Class of 1935
Michael McEvoy
Class of 1965
Michael Reese
Class of 1961
Charles Martin
Class of 1945
James Benson
Class of 1964
Donald Doherty
Class of 1945
Gary V. Adams
Class of 1961
Dr. Timothy Wilt
Class of 1974
Harold May
Class of 1962
Stephen Buss
Class of 1974
Robert Doran
Class of 1965
Robert English
Class of 1961
Chris Bennett
Class of 1962
Phil Bartmann
Class of 1961
Henry (Hank) Nell Jr.
Class of 1945
Peggy O'Halleran Hudson
Class of 1972
Steve Cuda
Class of 1971
John J. Smith
Class of 1970
Dana Smith aka Geneva Red
Class of 1987
Victoria Soda Piekarski
Class of 1976
Chrysande J. Levesque
Class of 1964
Ronald R. Miller
Class of 1972
Keith A. Belzer
Class of 1981
Roger R. Garbacz
Class of 1978
Valerie Spike Peterson
Class of 1964
Michelle Ann Johnson
Class of 1988
Gary Lockwood
Class of 1965
Kristine Weisenberger
Class of 1966
Kimberly J. Davis
Class of 1968
Sherry Lynn Gehrke-Holland
Class of 1966
Nancy J. Fike
Class of 1960
Roger W. Svoboda
Class of 1950
Thomas E. Carlson
Class of 1965
James E. Meeker
Class of 1965
Judith (Conway) Svalander
Class of 1964
Charles P. Miller
Class of 1964
Maureen Christine
Class of 1984
Michael Bazan
Class of 1976
Bill Hobson
Class of 1992
Robert A. Jessup
Class of 1987
Dr. Michael Thornton
Class of 1974