Meal Service During Hybrid and Remote Learning

District 156 Food Services Department will be offering meals to all students at no cost for this school year.

Hybrid students:

Breakfast bags will be available for all students entering the building Monday through Thursday.

Hot and cold lunch items will be available during lunch hours every day school is in session. You do not need to load money onto your student’s lunch account. At this time there are no a la carte items available in the cafeteria for purchase. 

Remote learning students:

Meal bags for five (5) days (breakfast and lunch) will be available and distributed curbside every Friday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at East and West campuses. 

Fill out the Google form on the Food Service link on the McHenry High School website. Form will be available 3 p.m. Friday afternoon until 7 p.m. Sunday night. Please sign up for meals to let the Food Service department know the number of meals needed.

Pick up at East Campus will be at Door 11. Pick up at West Campus will be at the South entrance.

Please have your trunk empty and available for staff to load bags into your car. When you arrive, stay in your vehicle. Staff will load meal bags into your trunk.

Items in the bags are perishable and MUST BE STORED IN THE REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER IMMEDIATELY. Heating/storage instructions will be provided in each bag.

Please contact the Food Service Department with questions or concerns at (815) 759-2962 or mayjoann@dist156.org.

5 Day Curbside Meal Pickup Form

Curbside Food Prep Instructions


El Departamento de Servicios de Alimentos del Distrito 156 ofrecerá comidas a los estudiantes que participen en el plan híbrido y los que estén completamente remotos. Las comidas estarán disponibles para todos los estudiantes sin costo para este año escolar.

Estudiantes en el plan híbrido:

Habrá bolsas de desayuno disponibles para todos los estudiantes que entren al edificio de lunes a jueves.

Los alimentos fríos y calientes estarán disponibles durante las horas del almuerzo todos los días en que la escuela esté en sesión. No es necesario que deposite dinero en la cuenta del almuerzo de su estudiante. Todas las comidas son gratuitas para todos los estudiantes. Las bolsas de comida para los días siguientes de aprendizaje digital estarán disponibles para que los estudiantes las recojan al salir del edificio al final de su día escolar “en persona”. Ya no habrá recogida diaria al lado de la acera.

Estudiantes de aprendizaje remoto:

Bolsas de comida para 5 días (desayuno y almuerzo) estarán disponibles y se distribuirán al lado de la acera todos los viernes de 2 p.m. a 3 p.m. en East y West campus. 

Complete el formulario de Google en el enlace de Servicio de Alimentos en el sitio web de McHenry High School. El formulario estará disponible el viernes por la tarde hasta las 7 p.m. del domingo por la noche. Regístrese para recibir comidas, para informar al Departamento de Servicio de Alimentos la cantidad de comidas que necesita.

La recogida en East Campus será en la puerta 11. La recogida en West Campus será en la entrada sur.

Por favor, tenga la cajuela del carro vacío y disponible para que el personal cargue las bolsas a su carro. Cuando llegue, quédese en su vehículo. El personal cargará las bolsas de comida a su cajuela.


Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes, comuníquese con el Departamento de Servicios de Alimentos al (815) 759-2962 o mayjoann@dist156.org.

Formulario de recogida de comida

Instrucciones para el almacenamiento y calentamiento de bolsas de comida que son recogidas en el Distrito 156


Food For Thought will continue to assist students and families throughout the school closure. Any families who may need additional assistance at this time may email Ashley Diedrich at diedrichashley@dist156.org.

Stay well Warriors!


We participate in the National School Lunch Program - what does that mean? Our menus are created to ensure that our customers get the daily recommended servings of the 5 major food groups - Meat/Meat alternative, Dairy, Grains, Fruits and Vegetables.

Our Daily lunch meals are $3.05 and include an Entree, plus 3 sides. Options for the three sides can be your choice - milk, fresh/canned fruits, hot or raw veggies. Both of our Warrior Canteens have a "Sides Bar" loaded with fresh fruit and veggies, fruit juices, salad greens and fresh vegetables, plus seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable favorites. Be sure to take advantage of all of the options that are available!

Breakfast is served daily starting at 6:50. Start your day right with a breakfast that keeps you going all morning! Breakfast meals are $1.80 and include Entree, fruit or juice and milk. Stop in and grab breakfast or a snack!

After following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans we realize that nutrition is much more than discovering vitamins and minerals. It is about getting enough of all the right foods in the calories allotted plus minimizing the processed foods that are over-consumed. In our super busy worlds where high-calorie, palatable foods are both convenient and abundant, nutrition for most consumers is more about navigating the systems of their lives to make good decisions than worrying about being vitamin deficient. The food you eat affects every living cell in your body!

For more nutrition information visit: www.choosemyplate.gov

WE DO NOT TAKE CASH IN THE LUNCH ROOM. Please set up your student's account in Skyward. There you can load money on to the account so that your student is able to make purchases in the cafeteria.

Students with a negative balance on their lunch account will no longer be able to make an ala carte purchase in the lunch room. Please call your student's campus and ask for the Help Desk if you need assistance loading money on to your student's lunch account. Payment can also be made in the Main Office before school.

Question about school Breakfast and Lunch offerings? Call our "Command Center" at 815-759-2962!

Your Warrior Canteen Staff