McHenry Community High School District 156 Foundation, Inc.

“Education Beyond the Basics”
History of the Foundation

The District 156 Foundation was created in 1993 to enrich the learning experiences in McHenry High School District 156. A private, nonprofit corporation, it is governed by a Board of Directors independent from the School Board. Volunteers direct the work of the Foundation, donating their time, energy and resources, so that our students may benefit from every available advantage in the classroom. The District 156 Foundation is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization. 

Who Are We

The Foundation is made up of a diverse group of individuals from the community, many of us are past graduates of McHenry High School. We are dedicated to raising funds and reviewing annual grant requests from educators in order to determine where the funds can have the greatest impact on the students of McHenry High School.

Board of Directors:
  • Mike Roberts
  • Nancy Shea
  • Bonnie Kuechel
  • Bob Doran
  • Kevin Weisenberger
  • Wayne Jett
  • Drew Buss
  • Susan Riley
Our Philosophy/Mission

The McHenry High School District 156 Foundation exists to obtain funding for academic projects that go “beyond the basics.” The Foundation will fund innovative educational programs that inspire and motivate our teachers and students to improve learning in the classroom.


The Foundation has four areas of emphasis:

  • Educational Opportunities
  • Scholastic Enrichment
  • Business Partnerships
  • Career Development
The Need For Additional Funding

Like many school districts around the country, McHenry High School District 156 continues to struggle with increasing educational needs and decreasing state and federal funding.

This situation has created a need for alternative funds to provide our students with comprehensive and future-thinking educational programs that often require state-of-the-art equipment and materials. To address the increasing costs of advancements and support material, the McHenry Community High School Foundation was established.

The financial support of alumni, parents and friends of the McHenry Community High Schools has become increasingly important. In order to thrive, we need your help.

Business Gifts

Businesses can make gifts to the Foundation and receive tax deductions as well. If you own a business, you may wish to consider establishing a permanent endowment in the business or company name… a way to benefit education and positively impact your tax situation.

Matching Gifts

If you are an employee, spouse, or a participating retiree of a company with a Matching Gifts Program, a gift to the McHenry Community High School Foundation may qualify to be matched by your company. Check with your employer’s personnel or benefits office.


All Foundations rely heavily on the support of the many friends, alumni, and community who generously give. Your tax deductible contribution, in any amount, will be very much appreciated and used carefully to further educational goals beyond what the District provides.

Distinguished Graduate Program

In addition to raising funds to support the schools, the McHenry Community High School 156 Foundation annually recognizes Distinguished Graduates -- McHenry High School alumni who have made an impact after leaving high school.

To be considered for the award, nominees must be graduates of McHenry High School for at least 15 years. Foundation members are looking for graduates who stand out in career achievements, humanitarian work, and community service, among other things.

Those chosen as Distinguished Graduates are honored with a plaque featuring a photo and listing of accomplishments and displayed in school buidlings.

Please find the nomination form in the top left corner of this page.