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District #156 Statement on Student Tragedy

Dear District 156 Family,

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that we inform you that a West sophomore student was involved in an automobile crash on Friday, March 15, and did not survive the accident. Three other East students who were passengers were taken to local hospitals for treatment. Please know that the school crisis team has met and has developed a plan of support for the days ahead. Because the students are juveniles, and to honor the families’ privacy, we are not currently releasing the names. Because teenagers grieve in various ways, please talk with your children about how and what they are feeling. Be aware of any changes in mood or behavior; even if your child did not know this student, it may still be very sad or emotional for your son or daughter. Counselors and social workers will be available on Monday to meet with any students who may need support. Our thoughts are with all of the families; we appreciate your support and understanding during this difficult time.


Thank you.