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East’s Rogan receives first Staff Member of the Month award

Eleanor Rogan, custodian at East Campus since 2000, said she is surprised and pleased to be selected as the first Staff Member of the Month award-winner for East Campus.

“I’m very happy,” Rogan said, after receiving her award Oct. 24 at an East Campus staff meeting. She is the first for East Campus in a monthly program to recognize school staff for outstanding work at both East and West. 

“There are so many people who deserve this,” Rogan said.

East Campus senior Hailey Ulett said Rogan deserved the award for her positive attitude and friendly demeanor. In her nomination, Ulett said Rogan often makes a point of stopping to chat with her and other students as she goes about her duties.

“Everybody in the school knows Eleanor, and loves her,” Ulett said. “It is clear she loves her job and being around the students at East Campus.”

Indeed, Rogan said she does enjoy the students and her co-workers at East Campus, and that the only hard part is seeing students leave. Three of Rogan’s grandchildren are students at West Campus.

“I’m proud of this school,” Rogan said. “Everybody is great.”

Rogan’s award follows the recent announcement that Sally Hephner, West Campus registrar, won the first Staff Member of the Month honor at West.

Each month, a staff member from each campus is selected from recommendations of other staff, students, parents and community members.

Honorees receive a plaque and a gift card from either Brunch Cafe or Meat and Potato Eatery. MCHS appreciates the support from sponsors.

Learn more about the program here. To go directly to the nomination form, click here.

Eleanor Rogan