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Teacher Erin Sanders named Star 105.5 Teacher of the Month

Erin Sanders award

Congratulations to West Special Education teacher Erin Sanders who was honored Monday as Star 105.5/Home State Bank Teacher of the Month for January! Erin was nominated for her everyday acts of caring and kindness for her students. Thanks for all you do Mrs. Sanders!

From the nomination letter:

This year was the first year Erin Sanders took over the role of being an SES teacher in high school 9th-12th grade.  She stays in one room all day and teaches every subject. Before she did just English.  I get the privilege to be her aid all day and I am truly blessed for this.  She shows me that there are still teachers out there that care and want only the best for everyone.  She makes learning so much fun as well or does topics that will grab the students, for example singing out random songs or dancing.  I have watched how students this year have come out of their shell and that is because of her.  She has an open door in her room for not only her students but other students in the building.  Throughout the day she has so many students come to talk to her. One time I had a student come to me with some information that needed to be dealt with asap and when I spoke with Mrs. Sanders about it she dropped everything and handled right away.  She didn't even know this student but that is what she does.  She is so caring and when a student is having a bad day and struggles with attitude she tells them tomorrow is a new day and I will never hold it against you.  She doesn't either, she treats them amazing.   She lets all of them know that our room is a safe room and she is there to listen and help.  There have been a few times where I see issues that need to be handled that students are going through and she drops everything to make sure they are ok.  She lets them know that she will be their outlet to vent, cry, scream, whatever they need.  Not only have the students come out of their shells and become more social they are doing amazing in their classes.  I watch her everyday go to bat for the kids.  She stands up for each student no matter what and treats them like her own kids.  There are days that it is stressful but she keeps going each day with the same amazing attitude. One student asked her to go to their senior night for wrestling after school and she brought her daughters and went to it because that is what she does. She knew this student needed someone to be there for them.  There was a different student struggling with winter clothes and she set out to get this student a coat and a bunch of clothes.  The students respect her because she shows them she cares.  Some students do not have that at home but they know when they come to school each day that someone does care for them.  I could go on and on about her, she shows me not only are there people that care but that there are teachers who really do care about students' futures. She wants the best for each on and she will make sure they are successful.  She deserves to be recognized for what she does because to her it is her job, but to those kids it means the world.