District 156 Discipline Statement on Threats/Harassment/Sexting

III – R. Page 25    Discipline Statement – Threats/Harrassment/Sexting

Students may be disciplined for acts of bullying, hazing, harassment, sexting, or cyber-bullying occurring on or off-campus and/or outside of school hours in the same manner they are otherwise subject to discipline for acts that violate School District policies and/or procedures when acts could: (1) affect the school climate or atmosphere; (2) affect the peace, health, safety, or welfare of students, teachers, or any other personnel, and/or (3) disrupt or interfere with school or school activities.  District 156 will notify the parent of any student who commits an act of bullying and will attempt measures for early intervention to prevent any further behaviors of this nature.  District 156 does reserve the right to make referrals for these students to appropriate mental health professionals.  Consequences for such actions range from student conferences to suspension/expulsion.