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What is an "AP" course?

- AP stands for Advanced Placement. All AP courses are designed and regulated by the CollegeBoard. According to the CollegeBoard, "Advanced Placement courses are college-level class in a wide variety of subjects that you can take while still in high school. They offer you challenging course work and a taste of what college courses are like." MCHS makes one AP course available to freshmen - AP Human Geography.

What is an elective?
- Electives are courses that do not meet a specific graduation requirement (although students must earn 7.0 total elective credits to graduate). Passing required courses allows students to maximize elective opportunities. Electives courses allow students to explore career options, enhance college readiness, gain practical living skills, and pursue passions and interests.

What's a semester and what does it have to do with which courses I pick?
- Most high schools (including MCHS) use a calendar based on 2 semesters. First semester is typically from August through December. Second semester is typically from January through May. Many classes occur both semesters. In this case, you take the first "half" of the class during first semester and the second "half" during second semester.
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