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Barry Burmeister, CMAA
Certified Master Athletic Administrator
Colleen Wolter
Athletic Department Administrative Assistant
Rob Niemic
Assistant Athletic Director - Fall; Assistant Coach-Boys Basketball; Assistant Coach-Baseball
Brian Rockweiler
Assistant Athletic Director--Winter; Head Coach-Baseball
Matt Adam
Assistant Athletic Director--Spring
John Beerbower
Strength and Conditioning Director
Hilary Agnello
Head Coach-Volleyball
Zach Badgley
Assistant Coach-Football; Assistant Coach- Baseball; Assistant Strength Coach-Winter
JIm Blaz
Head Coach-Lacrosse
Robertson Brad
Head Coach-Girls Lacrosse
Jim Brucker
Assistant Coach-Football
Sammie Carlson
Head Coach-Cheer
Tony Caruso
Head Coach-Boys Soccer
Tom Cassens
Trainer-East Campus
Matt Connor
Assistant Coach-Softball
Gabriela Delgadillo
Assistant Coach-Boys Soccer; Assistant Coach-Girls Soccer
Ryan Ellison
Head Coach-Boys Golf
Cody Freund
Assistant Coach-Baseball; Assistant Coach-Basketball
Kaley Freund
Assistant Coach-Volleyball
Kyle Funkhouser
Head Coach-Girls Tennis; Head Coach-Boys Tennis