How can parents view and correct student data?

Parents may request to inspect and review their student’s covered information. Requests for reviewing records must be made in writing and include the date of the request, the parent’s name, address, phone number, student’s name, and the name of the school from which the request is being made. The District has forms available. Parents will be required to provide proof of identity and relationship to the student before access to the covered information is granted. If the covered information you request includes your child’s school student records, the District will permit you to inspect and review any school student records of your child in accordance with the District’s procedures for student records requests.

The District shall provide an electronic copy of the records within 45 days of receiving a request for the covered information. If a parent requests a paper copy, the District will charge .35 cents per page. No parent will be denied a paper copy due to an inability to pay. A parent may make a request to review and receive copies of covered information no more than two requests per student per quarter.

Parents may request corrections of factual inaccuracies contained in their student’s covered information. If the covered information you are requesting be corrected includes your child’s school student records, the District will follow its procedures for amendment of student records with respect to those school student records. The District will review the request, determine if an inaccuracy exists, and if so, will make any necessary corrections within 90 days of the request. If the correction needs to be made by the Illinois State Board of Education or a District’s vendor, any necessary corrections will also be made within 90 days of the request and the District will notify the parent of any necessary corrections within 10 days after receiving confirmation of the corrections.

If a parent requests the deletion of any covered information, the District will review the request to determine whether such a deletion would violate the law or result in the student being unable to participate in the District’s curriculum.