MCHS Alumni Association Advisory Board

Kelsey Adams ‘08

Lynne Buckie Baker ‘60

Kathy Barrows ‘65

Gwen Reinboldt Corey ‘70

Nick Custodio ‘03

Miguel Delgadillo ‘06

Victor Delgadillo ‘01

Greg Eiserman ‘94

Patrice Loud Frederick ‘02

Bonnie Kuechel ‘67

Jim Laursen ‘68

John Lunkenheimer ‘06

Dana Lebrecht ‘12

Cheryl Martin ‘91

Natalie Simek Murphy ‘03

Jessie Nellessen ‘08

Mike Roberts ‘75

Veronica Bierman Rogers ‘74

Nancy Shea ‘76

Meghan Simon ‘12

Beth Staley ‘75

Patti McCracken Vickery ‘59

Heather Weisheit ‘93

Carl Vallianatos - Assistant Superintendent

Thank you for all the Alumni who want to unite, connect, and engage with each other and with MCHS! If you have any questions about the Alumni Association or would like to join the advisory board please contact the district office at