Building for the Future, construction in District 156

McHenry Community High School building and facility improvements

Thanks to the support of our community, District 156 has been engaged in a multi-year building and athletic facility improvement program as a result of the successful passage of a bond referendum in 2018.

Starting in 2019, the facility upgrade program included several components, most notably the construction of the 70,000-square-foot Center for Science, Technology and Industry, which opened at Upper Campus in 2021. Significant improvements have also been made to McCracken Athletic Field.

Much of the work culminated with the reorganization of district schools, making the former East Campus into the Freshman Campus and the former West Campus into Upper Campus. Please see the attached links to see more details about building and facility improvements, including detailed reports highlighting big changes along the way.

As a result of the community's continuing investment in District 156, our improvement projects continue. Please read on for more details about the projects.

Summer 2023

Freshman Campus

  • Complete roof project

  • Remodel Student Service area

McCracken Field

  • Construction of two new soccer fields in place of the existing practice field behind the home bleachers

  • Various site improvements including adding drainage and irrigation for the new soccer fields, new shot put and discus areas, and fencing work

Upper Campus

  • Culinary room remodel

  • Cafeteria kitchen equipment replacement (various units at both UC and FC)

  • Varsity baseball field construction begins (to be completed in 2024)

Summer 2022

Freshman Campus

  • New secure entrance

  • Roof overlay for upper gym

  • New serving line and refrigeration units in cafeteria

  • Walk-in freezer replacement

  • New sound panels, painting and carpeting in the theater

McCracken Field

  • New artificial turf multi-use football, soccer, and lacrosse

  • New running track

Upper Campus

  • Sand and refinish Buckner gym floor

  • New lighting in the auditorium

Summer 2021

Freshman Campus

  • Flooring replacement throughout

  • Locker replacement throughout

Upper Campus

  • New College and Career Center

  • New art rooms

  • New music rooms

  • New and renovated office areas

  • Renovated and repaved parking lots

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