Transportation Department 

McHenry Community High School District 156 shares transportation services with McHenry Elementary School District 15. Please see information below about accessing bus route information for your student(s).


Please use the link below and follow the steps outlined to access current bus routing information.

  1. Go to

  2. Log in using your STUDENT ID number as your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

  3. Click on Work with Students

  4. Click on View My Students

  5. Click on Student Name

Please Note: The information available in this system is constantly updated, and reflects all changes in busing routes.

Please click here for directions on how to read your student's bus pass.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Transportation Department at (815) 385-6622 or email them at


There are days during the school year that mother nature, traffic, or bus problems that may cause our routes to run late. We now have a APP for that! We want to introduce the McHenry District 15 MY STOP APP. The APP can be downloaded to your Android or iPhone, and also an IPAD. You will be able to see where the bus is, the route the bus is supposed to take, and also the estimated time of pick up and drop off for your student. We tested it last year and the response we got was unbelievable! Parents loved seeing where the bus was and now getting an estimated time that bus was coming to the stop. Here are the steps to take to download the application.

  • Download app: Versatrans My Stop

  • Allow app to access location

  • App will offer to find local school districts

  • Choose McHenry Community Consolidated School District 15 & HSD 156 (IL)

  • Enter login and password, both are the same (THIS IS YOUR OTHER ID# YOU USED TO ACCESS YOUR BUS PASS)

  • Map of your child's bus route should appear