2022-23 Kay Club members who attended convention

Fourteen MCHS Key Club members and advisors Ms. Theel and Mrs. Kirk attended the the 72nd Annual Illinois-Eastern Iowa Key Club District Convention in Springfield this past weekend. The kids attend to both celebrate this past year, but also to train and plan for this upcoming year. 

Key Club members and the club as a whole received the following awards and recognitions at the convention.

Distinguished President - Taylor Wickenkamp
Distinguished Vice-President - Joseph Sacramento
Distinguished Statistical Secretary - Jackie Quintanal-Vela
Distinguished Treasurer - Jacob Jensen
Distinguished Senior - Brandon Rivera
Distinguished Junior - Kristin Anderson
Distinguished Sophomore - Grace Hunt
Distinguished Freshman - Sarahi Salazar
100 Hour Award - Kristin Anderson, Jheel Patel, Brandon Rivera. Brandon has actually broken our Key Club's previous record of most service hours done in a year and we still have a few months to go.  He is currently at around 240 hours of service for the year and the previous record was 223.75 hours.

Jireh Vazquez served this year and will serve this coming year as Lieutenant Governor (LTG).  

Digital Poster - 1st Place - designed by Ema Nikitovic. This poster will go on to compete at the International Convention this summer in Anaheim, CA. 

Non-Traditional Scrapbook - 2nd Place - designed by Grace Hunt and Jia Shah. 

We then received the following club awards:

  • Designated as a Distinguished Club;
  • Awarded  2nd place for Single Service - Platinum Division for our Christmas Adoption project;
  • Received 3rd place for our donation to the Kiwanis Neuroscience Research Foundation.

Ms. Theel accepted a position as assistant administrator for our district.  

Thanks to the McHenry Kiwanis Club who helps to sponsor our club and helped with funds to attend the convention. Ms. Theel also said the club members appreciate the support from MCHS staff.