Day 2 final exam schedule for first semester 2022-23

Inclement weather on Dec. 22 closed schools and moved Day 2 of final exams to Jan. 9. The new semester begins Jan. 10.

Please read more details below in emails Dr. Prickett sent to families:

Jan. 6, 2023

Parents & Guardians!

Happy New Year! I hope you have all enjoyed some time off with family and friends, and that you had a wonderful holiday season! 
We drove out to Colorado on Christmas Day to be with our older daughter and her family (including my grandson!), and made it back home by New Years Eve. Quite the adventure as we trekked cross-country! 

As you will recall, Day 2 of Semester One Finals will take place on Monday, January 9th. The schedule is posted below. That means Semester Two will officially start on Tuesday, January 10th, and there will be one additional day (as of right now) added to the end of the school year in May.

No lunch will be served Monday the 9th, as exams end at 1:11pm (Freshman Campus) and 1:21pm (Upper Campus). 
If a student has a lunch or Study Hall 6th or 5th period (the start and end of the day), they do not have to report until 7th and/or can leave after 8th, depending on where that lunch or study hall falls.
Please respond back to this email if you have any questions, and I hope you all  have a wonderful weekend! 
Dr. Jeff Prickett
Principal, McHenry High School 


Dec. 23, 2022

Parents and Guardians,

A few notes on finals Day 2 and finals makeup... 

January 4 makeups will remain the official makeup date for those who missed Wednesday, Day 1 finals with an excused absence. Finals will be held in the Upper Campus Cafeteria for ALL students, freshman through senior, from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

If students need two days to complete their Day 1 Finals, they can return on Jan.5 to finish -- same times and location. 

Students who missed Day 1 will have received an email from either Mrs. Frederick or Mrs. Hobson already.

If you have questions about your final (i.e. - did not receive an email, can't make the date, etc.), please contact Mrs. Frederick or Mrs. Hobson:

FR: Mrs. Hobson:

SO-SR: Mrs. Frederick:

December grads will still have to come on Monday Jan. 9, as will everyone else, for Day 2 finals.

Day 2 finals schedule is below. Second semester will officially begin on Tuesday, Jan. 10, and there will be one additional day (as of right now) added to the end of the school year in May.