1:1 Technology Plans

Important 1:1 Initiative Documents

McHenry High School believes in the importance of providing anytime, anywhere access to learning for all students is imperative. Teaching and learning today is dramatically different than it was in previous decades due to the availability to information and resources to be accessed outside of the traditional classroom walls and outside of the traditional hours of the school day. As part of the recently passed Vision 156 Innovation Plan, MCHS will be providing all students their own district-owned Chromebook to be used in class as well as learning away from school.

The Case for 1:1 and Why Student Access to Devices is Imperative in D156

  • Access to Learning for all - anywhere and anytime (35%-40% FRAM)

  • Bridging the Digital Divide - our world is a digital one

  • College Readiness expectations

  • Career Readiness expectations

  • Ability to change/modify instructional delivery methods of education at MCHS

  • Engagement/motivation of students responsible for their own learning

  • Technological capabilities of feeder districts and expectations of parents

  • Logistical efficiency advantages over shared cart environments - minutes lost and hassle of the shared carts

  • Benefits to security when students are issued their own devices

  • Landscape of Textbook industry creates online/replacement opportunities for students and their curricular media

  • Free up existing computer lab space

Initial Plans for 1:1 Chromebook Rollout

  • During the 2017-18 school year, MCHS will expand their current fleet of classroom chromebooks to approximately 1300 devices in our campuses

  • All students will be issued district owned Chromebooks at the beginning of the 2018-19 School Year

  • All Juniors and Seniors will be issued a device from the pre-existing fleet of D156 Chromebooks

  • All freshmen and sophomores will be issued a new Chromebook that will be selected after the testing and review during the 2017-18 pilot program.