Digital Literacy Coaching

Framework: McHenry High School District has established a Digital Literacy Coaching framework for the 2017-2018 school year. This framework will provide all District 156 teachers with opportunities to learn the knowledge and skills needed to deliver high quality instruction in an increasingly digital world. This instruction will also embed the literacy skills needed so that all students will become independent learners and self-directed thinkers in all disciplines.


  • All MCHS teachers will participate in a digital literacy coaching group and have the opportunity to access personalized coaching in a one on one environment.

  • All MCHS teachers will be able to develop a strong, collaborative, learning relationship with one or more digital literacy coaches in a non-evaluative setting.

  • All MCHS teachers will have the ongoing support necessary to create an increasing amount of lessons that skillfully integrate both technology use and literacy strategies.

  • All teachers will work with coaches to learn and embed best practices of technology integration and Bloom’s taxonomy.

  • The practices emphasized in the DLC model will be driven by ITEACH, MCHS Literacy Strategies, a technology framework, and the teachers identified learning targets.

  • The DLCs will provide the support needed to assist teachers in the use of the common LMS platform to aide in the construction of master courses within course teams.

  • The DLC model will be focused on strategies that increase student engagement, motivation, reading comprehension, and personalized learning.

Digital Literacy Coaching Instructional Outcomes

DLCs will impact the instruction of MCHS in the following ways.

  • Small group Cohorts to meet twice per month

  • 1:1 help by appointment

  • In-class assistance (feedback and/or helping to deliver lesson)

  • Lunch & Learn Presentations optional for teachers to attend

  • Normal PD time (10:30, 12:30, In-service time)

  • Online PD - development of online resources