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Welcome to the Science Division

Science curriculum at McHenry High School invites students to explore the world around them through the study and experience of the interconnectedness of everything. Our educators help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to ask the important questions and search for the answers.

We offer a wide range of science courses and experiences, including biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, biomedical science, and Advanced Placement. The value of an experience for a student is not exclusively linked to a specific content or process, but also to the quality of the experience.  It is our mission to individually cultivate this experience for our McHenry students.

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Science Division Goals

  • Students will develop an understanding of the fundamental laws of our universe and how these laws govern the phenomena they encounter everyday.

  • Students will acquire a foundation of knowledge necessary to make informed decisions, weigh facts, and arrive at valid conclusions.

  • Students will recognize that science does not consist merely of facts and dogma, but that it is an exciting, dynamic process.

Division Chair: Tim Beagle

Science Department