Benefits of Blended

MCHS strives to see the following expected outcomes as a result of successful implementation of blended learning courses and methodologies: 

Students will….

  • Be more successful academically.

  • Develop college and career related skills.

  • Manage time more effectively and prioritize academics as well as demands of outside activities and employment.

  • Benefit motivationally.

  • See improved views on learning, teachers, and school.

  • Convey that blended learning courses have a positive effect on anxiety and social emotional health.

  • Have a greater desire to take blended courses in the future. 

  • Become better learners by being involved with blended courses. 

  • Have more agency, choice, freedom, and flexibility in their learning.

Successful blended students should strive to be

  • Demonstrative of the “MCHS Mindset”

  • Owners of their own learning

  • Skillful time managers able to prioritize

  • Accountable first to themselves for their success and then to other important adults

  • Able to communicate and advocate to adults and peers

  • Respectful of each other and the learning environment

  • Collaborative and able to work with others

  • Able to find, collect, evaluate, curate, and create

Blended Time for Students

When a student has the opportunity to learn outside of class on blended days, they can utilize the time for the following:

  • Seek academic assistance

  • Complete test/quiz retakes or make-ups 

  • Collaborating with other students for study or projects

  • Meeting with a counselor or other staff member when available

  • Independent study and homework

  • Personal time - mental health