Teachers will….

  • Have a greater sense of purpose and self-efficacy through the professional process.

  • Maximize their instructional time with students.

  • Enjoy improved student outcomes and competencies.

Successful blended teachers should strive to be

  • Demonstrative of the “MCHS Mindset”

  • Willing to redefine instructional role as facilitator

  • Open-minded to spirit of personalized learning

  • Collaborative course team member 

  • Able to articulate student competencies (learning and habits) 

  • Able to create an effective blended class culture

  • Flexible in approach and trusting of the process

  • Always seeking new and better strategies to  meet student

  • Focused on what’s best for student learning

  • Adaptive

  • Apt communicator with parents and students

  • Proficient in providing student feedback

    Staff members will reflect that….

  • Blended learning has had an overall positive effect on the school culture.