Blended Learning Guidelines

MCHS Blended Learning Guidelines

When teachers identify “blended” days, students must meet academic criteria established by the teacher to be out of class (district standard - minimum C or higher). 

Teachers can determine when students are required to be in class even if they meet criteria. Reasons may include conferencing with students or dividing the class into groups for specific in-class activities.

If students do not meet the criteria, they are required to remain in class to gain extra assistance from their teacher. 

Blended courses that meet during periods 1 and 8 afford students the ability to arrive late to school or leave early on blended days. 

Blended courses that meet during periods 2-7 afford students the opportunity to complete other school work in identified areas of the school such as the media center, common areas, and extended learning environments. Students must stay on campus during periods 2-7. Students may use this time to meet with teachers and counselors with appointments.

Students are to observe school rules in all locations and can be subject to revocation of blended privileges for irresponsible behavior.

On “blended days” students do not need to first report to class unless otherwise instructed to do so by the teacher.