SAT/PSAT Information

Understanding Your PSAT/NMSQT Score Report

Accessing Your PSAT/NMSQT Score Report

What is the SAT Suite of Assessments ?

The SAT suite of assessments are a battery of annual tests developed by the College Board that help students, parents, and schools understand the skills needed for success in college or career. Parents and students are encouraged to go to the College Board webpage to learn more.

PSAT 8/9 sets readiness baseline. PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 allow check-in on student progress. SAT connects students to college

What are the benchmark expectations on these tests each year ?

The below chart shows the benchmark expectations for the PSAT/SAT exams each year. 

SAT Performance McHenry High School Understanding the New SAT Conversion Table. ACT 36. New SAT 1600. ACT 35. New Sat 1560-1590, ACT 34 New SAT 1529-1550, ACT 33 New SAT 1490-1510, ACT 32 New SAT 1450-1480, ACT 31 New SAT 1420-1440, ACT 30 New SAT 1390-1410, ACT  29, New SAT 1350-1380, ACT 28, New SAT 1310-1340, ACT 27 New SAT 1280-1300. ACT 26, New SAT 1240-1270, ACT 25, New SAT 1200-1230, ACT 24 New Sat 1160-1190, ACT 23 New  SAT 1130-1150, ACT 22- New SAT 1100-1120, ACT 21 New Sat 1060-1090, ACT 20. New SAT 1020-1050, ACT 19, New Sat 980-1010, ACT 18New SAT  940-960, ACT 17 New SAT 900-930, ACT 16  New SAT 860-890, ACT 15  New SAT 810-850, ACT 14. New SAT 760-800, ACT 13, New SAT 720-750, ACT 12, New Sat 630-710, ACT 11, New SAT 560-620. Component of the SAT Score. Mathematics 200-800 score. Evidenced based reading and writing 200-800 score. SAT Benchmarks Red 200-500, 11th grade benchmark red 160-470, 10th grade benchmarks red 160-440, 9th grade benchmark red 120-420, 8th grade benchmark red 120-400.  SAT benchmark yellow 510-520, 11th grade benchmark yellow 480-500, 10th grade benchmark yellow 450-470, 9th grade benchmark yellow 430-440, 8th grade benchmark yellow 410-420, Sat benchmark green 530-800 11th grade benchmark green 510-760, 10th grade benchmark green 480-760, 9th grade benchmark green 450-720, 8th grade benchmark green 430-720. Evidenced based reading and writing. SAT benchmark red 200-450, 11th grade benchmark red 160-420, 10th grade benchmarks red 160-400, 9th grade benchmark red 120-380, 9th grade benchmark red 120-360, SAT Benchmark yellow 460-470, 11th grade benchmarks yellow 430-450, 10th grade benchmark yellow 410-420, 9th grade benchmark yellow 390-400, 8th grade benchmarks. yellow 370-380, SAT Benchmarks green 480-800., 11th grade benchmarks green 460-760, 10th grade benchmark green 430-760, 9th grade benchmark green 410-720, 8th grade benchmark green 390-720

Why is it important that our students grow and do their best on the SAT ?

MCHS provides learning and prep opportunities to help students grow over their four year career. It is MCHS’ goal to help ALL STUDENTS get their BEST SCORE to OPEN DOORS. Doing well on the SAT benefits students in the following ways. 

Getting YOUR BEST SAT SCORE is beneficial because….

  • MCHS uses your PSAT/SAT scores as one piece of data in course selection.

  • You could be eligible for Distinguished Warrior and/or Seal of Biliteracy.

  • You could gain admission to additional Colleges and Universities you never thought possible

  • You could earn scholarships that help make college more affordable

  • You could avoid being required to take remedial courses at your 4-year or 2-year college (like MCC).

  • These are the same skills that employers in industry and trades expect you to have.

  • These are the same skills that the military expects you to have. 

  • If you are going into the military, preparing for the SAT will help you score better on the ASVAB test. 

  • If you get a better score on the ASVAB then more jobs in the military are open to you.

  • You might change your mind about college or your desired profession  your senior year.

  • MCHS wants you to have all doors open!

How can I see more specific information on my SAT/PSAT performance  ?

Each student can find their specific information in two places 1) their individual College Board account and 2) on their Warrior Dashboard. 

Students and parents can see the information on specific strengths and areas of improvement on the PSAT/SAT by selecting the “SAT Performance” tab on the Warrior Dashboard. 

Sample of the dashboard