Inclusion Garden from 2022 features pledges from students

Spread the Word Inclusion Week makes a return to McHenry Community High School next week to encourage everyone to take part in building a nicer community where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

With a global theme of Going All In(clusive), the worldwide campaign seeks to encourage everyone to spread the message about the positive benefits of including everyone. Founded in 2009, Spread the Word to End the Word focused on ending the use of the “r-word” when referring to those with physical or intellectual challenges and it grew into a larger inclusion focus. 

At McHenry Community High School, students are encouraged to participate in inclusion through Spirit Days that start with PJ Day on Monday. Students are encouraged to wear blue on Tuesday and Warrior gear on Wednesday. On Thursday, students can practice twinning with a buddy, and then wear bright neon colors on Friday.

On Friday, students at Upper Campus will be invited to take a pledge to work to be more inclusive by writing about it on a flower sticker during lunch periods. When the sticker is added to the wall, it makes an Inclusion Garden.

To find out more about Inclusion Week and the pledge, visit the website.

One new aspect this week is Leadership in Action students will be working with adjusted learning students on Thursday. 

The week is sponsored by the Warrior Buddies club, which seeks to create friendships between students with and without disabilities. This is the seventh year the club has hosted the movement at school.