INCubatoredu student make pitches to end semester

Four student teams made their initial pitches to local business people at the end of the first semester of the INCubatoredu entrepreneur class at McHenry High School.

This initial pitch event is a way for students to explain their ideas and get feedback from professionals before moving ahead with their business plans. The teams pitched plans for a Civil War video game, a special freezer, an athletic shoe restoring business and a system for tracking food inventory for food service.

Each team presented findings from their research into target customers, competition, costs for operation, and sales price ranges. They also talked about plans for marketing and advertising.

For second semester, students continue their market research and develop prototypes. They’ll make final pitches in the spring.

Business people working with INCubatoredu are:

Community Champion/Business Liaison:

Pam Cumpata


Jennifer Beltrame

Christine Ditzler

Joe Turner

Josh Petersen

Silviu C. Marinca

Dawn Bremer

Eric Vicencio

Board of Advisors

Dan Smith

John Gonzalez

Sam Tenuto

Bobbi Baehne